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* My greatest desire for this day is to be happy and dreams that you keep in your heart are met. If not met, remember not to lose hope ever. Happy Birthday!

* Today is a very special day because you meet another year. Comes new opportunities and new goals to fulfill. I hope you have an unforgettable day and to be a good year for you

* I’m lucky to share my life with you every day and when a year is met more I become aware of what I want you. Happy Birthday.

* No matter how long but how well they fulfill the take. Keep your joy and good spirits like to forget today and lit candles blowing illusions! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

*Today is a special day!!

I want you to know that someone from a distance that joins your breath of hope, hoping that the new year start living fill you with blessings. Happy Birthday.

* Thank you for being someone I can always talk, meditate, reflect and share my life. Happy Birthday!

* I’m lucky (a) to share my life with you every day and every time you meet another year I realize how much I love you. Happy Birthday!

* Happy Birthday! A new year begins for you and hope you are full of joy and hope. Love you.

* In this unique and special day I want to remind you that you are a special person to me and you can always count on me. Happy birthday, never forget to smile or hope.

* I miss you and I love to be with you on your birthday. All the best in the world and many blessings. Happy Birthday.

* Make a wish, you want your fears disappear. Make a wish on this special day, it is time to celebrate your birthday, do not fear, it is something that only happens once a year. Have some cake. Your day is here!

* Happy Birthday!!!!!! Life gives us a new day for that we fill of happy moments. May all your dreams come true.

* I sincerely hope that today have a good combination of laughter, love and joy. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

* Today is a very special day because you meet another year. Comes new opportunities and new goals to fulfill. I hope you have an unforgettable day and to be a good year for you.

* The day of your birth is a joy for everyone because these birthday and celebrate together as a family together.

* You are the person who completely fills my heart, my thoughts, my desire to excel and more. I’m happy to have you as a mother and I proud to be your son (a). My love for you is so great that you could not measure it. Happy Birthday Mom

* The stars dress up and the moon full of charm to know that today is your birthday. God bless you

* I wanted to find the love of my life, I wanted to find somewhere but it turns out I found it in my belly. I imagined tall and handsome, to know it was small and bare. Imagine the love of my life take my hand and go to the world but ended up taking her little hand and eat it with kisses. So I met the love of my life. No one can match the gift I received on this day. May God and the Virgin accompany you and illuminate your path so that in the future you become a good man. You continue to meet many more years Mi Amor Chiquito

* I still have in mind the moment you were in my arms for the first time and I’m longing for that day. Llegastes to fill my life with joy and love. I thank you for being born daughter, to live and give me contemplate proudly celebrating 15 years. I wish to give you everything that I never had, do you learn everything I learned with mistakes and taking care to keep my strength is gone. Your my daughter will always be the most important to me

* Words are not enough to express how happy I am to be your father. I Love You, Child of Mine! Your presence makes me feel complete. Happy Birthday, my girl!

* Dear daughter on this day, we remember how lucky we are your father and I have a daughter like you, happy day. A daughter like you is a gift from God, there is no other way to explain it.

* All these years are unforgettable memories of the past with you, precious moments of this and promises of a wonderful future. Happy birthday to my beloved daughter. I see you as you are and not what people may want you, I see you as a star among a sea of commoners, I see you as a beautiful princess in a wonderful fairy tale, but mostly I see you as the daughter which I always love you eh dear life, happy birthday princess.
* Today is a special day !!

I want you to know that someone from a distance that joins your breath of hope, hoping that the new year start living fill you with blessings. Happy Birthday.

* Wear a beautiful baby in my belly, I felt it move inside me, I calmed down over my heart, I enjoyed his first smile. You gave me your first steps, your first words heard. Despite your young age you have flooded my heart with love. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE my little boy, God bless you today and always

* Dear Friend:
Because you’re very special to me on your birthday offered a prayer asking the Lord to give you today and always to smile, moments to enjoy and loved ones with whom to share. Congratulations on your day

* You’re a very special person with affection desire in your birthday be very happy, as your you deserve. Happiness and joy that accompanies you that last forever and your good times never end

* The years do not come alone … I hope arrives filled with many joys, special moments full of opportunities, satisfactions, dreams realized and expressions of affection of all who love you this year. Happy Birthday

* Today, God and the universe agreed and decreed that sooner or later all your goals and your dreams will be fulfilled. Enjoy it together with your loved ones and you Colmen of wonderful surprises, received with love and appreciate a big hug and a kiss !!! Happy Birthday

* On the anniversary of your arrival in this world I sincerely wish you to be at the place and time when you dreamed to be. If not I hope these’re very close. Happy Birthday

* Today is a very special day for you because it is the day that God chose you were born. Your gifts today Love, Peace and Happiness. Happy Birthday

* Today is a special day to manifest a desire, your life will be rewarded with much happiness and your birthday is wonderful.


For your birthday
I wish to receive
these special gifts:

Happiness, in the depths of your being.
Serenity with each sunrise.
Success, in every respect.
Sincerity, friends who want you.
Love that is eternal.

Fond memories, moments of yesterday.
A splendid full of blessings this.
A path leading to a beautiful morning.
Anhelos, they become reality.
And awards, of all the wonderful things in you.

Have a very Happy Birthday !.

* This day is beginning
and I congratulate you peaceful
This cute and lovely day
you meet another year.

The nicest thing is that every year
nonstop celebrate
your birthday and always
will be very special.

Do not be discouraged by the obstacles
ahead and triumph Look
Because you’re a good person
and I know I always will be.

When you’re sad you never forget
a friend who will support you
in good and bad times
and never leave you.

How nice when someone
always is with God
not forget his brother
and will always be better.

Sit next to you my support
going together to the end
May God bless you and keep you
and you meet many years.


* Affirmation for being Birthday: I’m ready to enjoy my birthday * “love shines in my face” * I give thanks for the many blessings q receipt. Amen

*Happy Birthday! I hope this new stage full of blessings and success in everything you undertake, however small or large it is, you never miss the guiding light of God in the way that transites, enjoy good health and joy with all your loved ones

* Happy Birthday!!!!!!! God grant you a life full of health, happiness full of hugs from your family because you do every special moment you share with those around you.

* Become more is to understand that, despite close cycles, there are many to open. Happy Birthday!

* I hope that today is a good day for happiness to draw a smile on your face. You’re old: you are wiser! I wish you a happy birthday.

* By having the ability to surprise, to rejoice, to make me laugh, to get me a smile when I’m sad and many other things, I love you. Happy Birthday!

* I’m lucky to share every day of my life with you. When it meets a year, I became aware of what I want you. Happy birthday my dear friend

* A greeting to reach the limits of our boundaries, full of prayers to the Lord to grant you life, peace, harmony, health, good and happiness on your birthday and every day in his family Union

*Happy Birthday !!!! May all your wishes always carried out with the blessing of God Almighty and give you many years of life, health and happiness.

* The daughter, now you turn 15 and are leaving childhood behind, I know that life will bring many joys and surprises, but also assume responsibilities. Commit yourself to your future with hope to make your dreams come true. Happy Birthday.

* For your birthday: I do not bought a big cake … nor a fashion gift … I’ll give you something that will last forever …
My friend! She has! Congratulations

* I want to thank God because this day was born the love of my life, and is worthy of celebration because your life changed mine, happy birthday my love

* I wish that these 15 springs Colmen you happy and give you all the motivation you need a good face to face with life. Happy fifteen years

* Today we not only want to celebrate the new year you meet I also want you to know that I love you with all my heart and you’re the most important thing in my life. Happy Birthday

* You deserve all the happiness in the world because beam proved to be an excellent partner and my best friend, love you for life, Happy Birthday

*Happy Birthday!!! That the way out to meet you.
May the wind always be behind you and the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. From this day forward, God grant you long life,
for sure He knows that the earth is not enough angels

* Please make every day of my life immensely happy, and I hope that on this day in which your birthday can show you how grateful I am for sharing it with me, I love you, I wish you a nice birthday husband mio

* My Life … My sky … Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday !!!!!! today on this special day for all those who have the privilege to meet you I wish you a day filled with many blessings, success, wealth and above all full much peace and love in the company of family, friends and loved ones … pretty pasala

* I wish on this day a rain of blessings, more love in your heart for you to keep distributing it to everyone who needs it. That the desires of your heart be fulfilled according to God’s purpose for your life. I wish it prosper in every area of ​​your life. Never depart from your mouth the words of wisdom and truth. In your heart follow your great faith and hope in life, your dreams run their course and do not rest until you reach a goal, I want the love you have to give continue to grow as today. Happy Birthday

*Awake..!! It’s your birthday one more year of life q God gives you, a new dawn, new joys you will surprise your birthday is celebrated endlessly q God gives you the good fortune to enjoy.

* You now have the most beautiful day to celebrate the new year of life with much joy, always thinking that what is coming is much better … your wishes and desires will meet you health, love, Ti kisses, hugs and blessings forever

* Each birthday is an occasion to share with our friends forever, because it is through them that we build the history of our existence. Every birthday is a new opportunity to tell ourselves that life is worth living.

* Every day, every year is a blessing. Each received daylight.
Each teaching life.
Every life experience carried by
a blessing.
Every love given and received
is a blessing.
Every mistake and bump in the road
gives opportunity for each day got
the repair and hope follow.

With that I wish to do them
many years
full of blessing and happiness.

* Happy birthday to the sweetest person, the more love, which affection of all who have the good fortune to meet you win.

* The Great Architect of the Universe, made the moon is closer to its light will illuminate your image of beauty and kindness and intelligence are reflected throughout the universe. Happy Birthday

* I wish on this day a rain of blessings, more love in your heart for you to keep distributing it to everyone who needs it. More wisdom and inspiration. That the desires of your heart be fulfilled according to God’s purpose for your life. I want you to be prosper in every area of ​​your life. Never depart from your mouth the words of wisdom and truth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

* My love happy birthday, today and forever love, happiness and success accompany you. Congratulations, I Love You !!!

*Happy Birthday !!!! I hope this day be a day full of surprises and that God enlighten you and fill you with blessings today and every day of your life

* God gave you many blessings as well as to perfume and roses adorn this beautiful day priate ascend to another year of life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

* Happy Birthday !!!! What a happy day passes next to your loved ones and God in you spill a vine blessings !! kisses!

*Hello!!!! I hope you’re having a really happy on your birthday and wish you many more years do them so you can fully enjoy a big hug

* Happy Birthday !!!!!, God give you health and long life, which in today’s fill of happiness with your loved ones

* That magic today is your best suit, your smile the best gift, your eyes the best destination and my best wishes for your happiness. Happy Birthday.

* That in this day and the rest of your days enlighten you and give you all the happiness you deserve. Happy Birthday.

* Happy Birthday!!!! May God fill you with many blessings, protect you and give you good health and prosperity.

* These are singing happy birthday King David. Happy Birthday!! Mr. regale you many blessings.

* I hope that your birthday Have a very happy day, that God enlighten you always.

* Congratulations!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of love for all those around you, God bless you today and always.

* I want a light to your path, an angel for your destination, happiness to your life and the blessing of God in every moment of your life. Happy Birthday.

* I want the time never happen to you and you will still be the apple of my eye and meet many years but always still be my baby.

* We hope you have a happy and beautiful day that passes great on your birthday.

* Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday …… .., Happy birthday to you !!!! I hope you meet many years.

* That the most beautiful angel from heaven, your steps and take care of every star you reflect on the beauty of your heart. Happy Birthday.

* I have a super special gift for you, your birthday is celebrated today but not as wraps. A kiss and a hug and passes a Happy Birthday.

* Life is summarized in four words: God, health, love and hope. The first and always take care of you the rest you never miss. Happy Birthday.

* Happy Birthday!!! That the good god bendciones flood you with much love, happiness, health and prosperity.

* That the gift you need, God will wrapped in paper peace, the bond of love and blessing card. Happy Birthday.

* Have you seen the time? It is time to send a kiss and a hug and wish you a happy birthday.

* Welcome to the Christian era, the beginning of a new phase of your life. Even to pursue new goals. Happy Birthday.

* 50 km, 40 km, 30 km, 20 km, 10 km, 5 km, 1 km Uffff !!! I got a little tired but in time to say Happy Birthday.

* It is a day where God in His infinite power gives life to be your most wonderful creation, endowed with beauty, virtue and beauty. Happy Birthday

* May all your dreams come true and that God always enlighten your walk and fill you with blessings. Happy Birthday

* May God bless you and enlighten every moment of your life. Happy Birthday!!! I want obsequiarte love, harmony and a big hug.

* Hello!!!! I could not stop moving to wish a happy birthday, I hope you’re going really well.

* I raise my prayer to God to bless you and care, guide you and most importantly, you do know him and I wish him well. Happy Birthday.

*Did you have breakfast ???? You have to jam blessings, pancitos of Faith, arepitas a coffee strength and love to wish you a Happy Birthday.

* These fresh and beautiful flowers were chosen for you from the Garden of God to wish you a Happy Birthday.

*Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Remember that life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, slowly kissing, love of truth, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile … because life can not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we dance…!!