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.- One July 29, 1967 …
That Saturday night was peace and joy. Thousands of Caracas had gathered in homes and public places to see on television the Miss Universe contest in which our precious Mariela Pérez Branger had been as the first finalist, just a step Nomás to get the scepter and crown. But for Venezuelans, in their hearts, Mariela was Miss Universo.Ocurrió during a commercial break. Clockwise from the Cathedral stopped in eight two, which recorded intensity of 6.7 on the Richter scale. The Cagigal Observatory could not say exactly nor the epicenter and magnitude of the 1967 Caracas earthquake because the pendulum seismograph broke strapping needles and equipment also were damaged photocells. Initially, hours after the quake, the head of Ramiro Pérez observatario Luciani (then Captain), the epicenter was located in the failure of Humocaro, Lara, about 350 kilometers from Caracas, but the next day, based on the reports of damage, correct appreciation, placing it in the sea, opposite the Central Coast. The official admitted that it would be necessary to use specialized foreign to accurately determine earthquake data institutes.
The violence of the earthquake broke teams perception of the Cagigal Observatory earthquakes, but was able to locate the epicenter of the same on the outside seismic zone north of Caracas that extends over 20 kilometers between the towns and Naiguatá Reef, which was the same that caused the earthquakes of 1641 Mb7.5, Mb7.7 1812 and 1900 Mb7.6, the most powerful in recorded history in March of Caracas.
In the center of Caracas Father praying at Mass he was interrupted by the quake when the Cross of Caravaca de la Catedral de Caracas, broke off from the top of the church and fell to the ground the earthquake ceased and its silhouette was in the middle of the street, pointing Avila. Immediately people began to surround her, knelt and kissed. Others decided to throw coins.
After the earthquake the anguish of the people of Caracas focused on the possibility that other earthquakes occur. In the area of ​​Caracas 4 buildings housing about 80 families collapsed.
Corvin Palace Bldg. Bldg 10 floors and 26 apartments.. Building permit issued on November 4, 1955.
Mijagual Bldg. Building 9 floors, basement, ground floor and penthouse with a total of 19 apartments. Building permit issued on June 19, 1963.
. Bldg Neveri: 10-story building, ground floor penthouse with 11 apartments (1 apartment per floor). Building permit was granted on March 16, 1965.
San Jose Bldg. Building 9 floors, basement, ground floor and penthouse with a total of 26 apartments.
They were also affected by the intensity of the quake buildings The Roxul, Coral and Blue Royal Palace, in the same area.
The Edo. Vargas did not escape the fury of nature. Among them are:
Mansion Charaima: Residential sumptuous mansion specially equipped for vacationers. 11-story structure that by the time the earthquake came abajoo 5 floor.
Other recreational sites suffered considerable damage as the Club Sea bay, Laguna Beach, Macuto Sheraton Hotel, etc.
Note that there are geological faults and Venezuela: Boconó failures, San Sebastian, El Pilar and Oca – Ancon, form the area of ​​greatest activity (movement) in the interaction of the plates in our country becoming the neotectonic features more important.